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Prepayments of Receivables and Credits!


Credit Card Machines!


Prepaid Cards!



About TCL Soluções

TCL Soluções is a Fintech that acts with Shadow Banking, for individuals and corporations, creating opportunities for borrowers and investors through technological solutions that innovate and democratize the opportunities in the financial market. All this using Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain in a single platform!



A plataforma TCL oferece, em um único acesso, diversas soluções financeiras como Antecipação de Recebíveis, Conta TCL, Máquinas de Cartão, Investimentos e Cartões, com preços transparentes a taxas significativamente reduzidas. Tudo isso utilizando Inteligência Artificial e Blockchain para fazer seus sonhos virarem realidade!


Keep your account in the palm of your hands. All solutions in one platform.

  • Credit card machines

    It is much more than a little machine. With TCL you have access to a payment ecosystem with the control in your hand.

  • Card

    The credits on your machine or your anticipation can go straight to your card. Payments, withdrawals, transfers and more for your Card - without the need for a bank account.

  • Financial manager

    Without additional costs, have a financial manager and control all your receipts. Credits for the machines, cash, checks, tickets, all in one place for you to use your time in your business.


Receivables Anticipation is an instrument for taking credit based on accounts receivable.

  • Make forward sales and receive at sight

    Get prepaid your sales installments and improve working capital and cash flow! Convert your accounts receivable into cash!

  • Any type of receivable

    Anticipate receivables, credit agreements, bonuses, installment sales and everything else you imagine! Credit available in minutes!

  • Fully digital

    Without papers or e-mails, at TCL the anticipation is 100% digital. Track the status of your prepayments in real time through the TCL Portal!

  • The best rates

    Very attractive rates based on your Buyer's credit rating, without any fees, IOF or additional costs for you!


Short-term investments with higher returns than the traditional market.

  • Invest in receivables

    Diversify the portfolio with investment in receivables. Also, have larger returns compared to other investments of 15 to 180 days.

  • Credit Score Rates Powered By IA

    Check the TCL Credit Score before deciding your investments. The report analyzes objective and subjective factors via Artificial Intelligence. And you do not pay additional fees for this!

  • More security with Blockchain

    The TCL Platform uses Artificial Intelligence to mitigate and measure risks and is the only one to record all contracts at Blockchain. Much more security for you!


We offer different solutions and advantages for each type of customer.


You pay in installments and your vendor gets in cash!

Allow your vendor to anticipate receipts. You pay nothing for it - and still get a financial rebate for every anticipation of your suppliers!


Your accounts receivable become cash on the TCL platform!

Anticipate your receivables with the best rates, term, transparency and less bureaucracy. You can anticipate any Credit Right on the TCL platform!


Invest in Credit Rights through the TCL platform!

Through Artificial Intelligence, we present the level of reliability of the investments so you choose the best option to make your money yield more.


We have the best option for your business, check it out!


Membership Fee Exemption
  • TCL Account Maintenance Free
  • Fee Exemption per Operation
  • Fee Exemption per Operation
  • Free of Deployment Costs
  • ERP Integration Support
  • Exclusive Financial Reports
  • "Financial Rebates by Anticipations


Membership Fee Exemption
  • TCL Account Maintenance Free
  • Lower Interest Rates
  • Easy Access To Credit
  • Free of Deployment Costs
  • ERP Integration Support
  • Exclusive Financial Reports
  • Access to the TCL Investors Network

The Benefits

Artificial Intelligence

TCL uses AI for credit analysis, risk mitigation, and reliability measurement to bring in the best deals! Get to know!

Democratic credit

The world has changed, access to credit too. Get to know our solutions for Buyers, Suppliers and Investors. Meet the new!


At TCL, all contracts are digitally signed and registered at Blockchain. It's less paper and more security for your anticipation or your investment!

Optimized and efficient

More agile option than banks, factoring and FIDC to take credit through anticipation of receivables. 100% digital process!

Integration with various ERPs

Automation. TCL, always seeking the best for its customer, has solutions that optimize cash flow without leaving aside the operational flow. Come meet!

By people, for people

Together we go further. With new access to credit and alternatives to outmoded and impersonal models. We are made by people, for people.

Investment Simulator

Tired of traditional and unattractive investments? Simulate a Credit Rights investment on the TCL platform!

Investment value

Term of investment

% of TCL profitability

Below is the deduction result of your Income Tax payment, where applicable:

Note: The BR CDI index is not an investment option, and is only used for comparison purposes.

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  • TCL Soluções participates in Business Round of the 'Business Day - Special Economy Edition' organized by OA Eventos, Virazóm and ACIRP. Paula Fabeni, CEO of TCL, said: "We are happy with the opportunity and reception in Business Day. We participate in the Business Round with companies from different segments, where we present innovative credit solutions and investments focused on supply chain finance and anticipation of receivables. ". Get to know the event by clicking here.

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TCL Experience

Consultoria Empresarial com um único propósito: transformar a sua empresa!

Viemos para aumentar a eficiência da operação de nossos clientes e trazer inovação, maximizando o retorno de seus investimentos. Oferecemos um portfólio completo de soluções que visam transformar a forma como as empresas atuam, aumentando os níveis de desempenho em toda sua cadeia de valor.

Nosso objetivo é criar valor para as empresas oferecendo não apenas relatórios, mas competitividade, uma vez que estas empresas adquirem conhecimento para enfrentar novos desafios. A partir do momento que todos passam a ter o mesmo nível de conhecimento sobre determinado aspecto, a gestão e execução dos seus projetos são otimizados. A comunicação flui e sua equipe se torna mais competente.


Our headquarters are in Ribeirão Preto, come to know us or contact us. We will love to answer you!

Head Office
  • 156 Joaquim Antônio Nascimento Street, Jardim Canadá
    Ribeirão Preto - SP, 14024-180
  • 1805 Dra. Nadir Aguiar Street, Polo de Tecnologia e Inovação Supera - USP
    Ribeirão Preto - SP, 14056-680

Want to know more? Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you!